Why PlayKids?
Because learning is fun

“The PlayKids experience is focused on holistic child development. The design, as well as the distribution of activities, create an inviting and creative environment in which the child is the protagonist of their discoveries.”

Nathalia Pontes, Master in Education.

How do we approach learning?

Our selection and content production are based on the BNCC, the Brazilian National Common Curricular Base, the same guideline used in schools in the country. All PlayKids+ content is carefully chosen to promote children's development in three major areas:

Interpersonal Dimension

Interacting with other people in a harmonious, respectful, and empathetic manner.
Friends playing together in a respectful way

Interpersonal Dimension

Exploring self-awareness, understanding their bodies, emotions, and feelings.
Junior and his many different emotions

Cognitive Dimension

Understanding how the world works, from nature to technology and society.
Characters playing with everyday things

PlayKids is internationally renowned!

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Parents’ Choice Awards:

Recognition for innovative, meticulously crafted, and affordably priced children's products.
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KOKOA - Education Alliance Finland:

Certification of products based on the global standard of quality in education.


We're a cherished part of the lives of over 80 million families worldwide! Discover what they have to say about us.

David’s mom

A fantastic choice to assist during challenging times, offering top-quality and diverse content.

Dad Mauricio

We got to know PlayKids when our first son, Gustavo, was around two years old. Then came Felipe, who hitched a ride with his brother. I'm grateful to PlayKids for the educational and fun entertainment provided to my children!

Malu's mom

Congratulations PlayKids for making this tough time much better for the children. I did the PlayKids against Coronavirus experience, and everyone loved it. A simple and practical way to teach children. I love you!!! ❤️
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